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BIW Flexible Framing Systems

Powertrain Equipment Systems

Laser Brazing

Laser Remote Welding

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MINO Automation USA Inc. is a global provider of fully integrated automation production systems created individually for your plant requirements as well as standard application integration and services.  MINO is a high-end manufacturing equipment integration supplier, providing intelligent manufacturing equipment solutions that integrate Products, Processes and Services.

MINO Automation USA Inc. is the Service Center for NAFTA Mino Project.  We have the know-how and capability to anticipate the needs of a constantly evolving market, proposing innovative solutions for our Customers.  With the unique engineering experience and the ability to innovate, design and provide state of the art solutions and strategies, Mino Automation USA Inc has become a market leader.

Virtual Commissioning (VC)
PVS Process Visibility System Envision
Vision Systems

Body In White (BIW) Production Systems concentrating on:

          • Resistance Welding Systems
          • Body Framing Systems
          • Laser Application Systems
          • Sealing Systems
          • Hemming Systems
          • Automated Transfer Systems

Light Weight Vehicle Joining R&D Center Including:

          • Laser Application Center
          • Aluminum and Magnesium Joining Center

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